One Stop Shop

How (“FE”) Helps You Manage Your Orders?

1. Inbound arrangement
Once products arrive at the warehouse, our team will carry out preliminary quality and quantity check to ensure all goods are received in good condition.

2. Product stocking
To optimise the usage of space, FE provides various storage units for product sorting and storage.

3. Pick & Pack
After receiving the outbound order, FE will proceed to pick and pack. Customized packaging and different packing materials are also available.

4. Delivery services
FE prepares the shipping labels and coordinate with various last-mile services provider to ensures all the orders will be delivered properly and securely.

Service Highlights

SIMPLE - Easy to manage inventory and tracking.
INSTANT - Automate order fulfillment.
FLEXIBLE - No contract period constraint.
CUSTOMIZED - Labeling and product bundling.

Your business lives and dies by your supply chain.

We’ve built our business around getting the timing right.

No matter how great a product you have, if your customers can’t have it in their hands on time it can mean a bad review, a loss of repeat sales, and a loss of trust in you as a supplier.

Fulfillment across a wide range of categories.

We deliver the same accurate and agile service no matter the company or category including but not limited to consumer packaged goods, e-commerce, entertainment producers, financial services firms, advertising agencies, and healthcare providers.

Print production, premiums sourcing, and other extras.

Need to produce a piece of collateral or special premium? We offer design services with a complete print production/premiums sourcing team including creative staff.

No minimums!

Have batch orders and need processing support? We provide cost effective solutions that are competitive and catered for your business needs.